Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

speech-therapy-imageSpeech therapy focuses on the actual production of sounds. Language therapy involves understanding and coordinating words to communicate ideas.

Our speech therapy program is specially created for each child with the objectives of developing and enhancing a wide range of communication techniques to improve the quality of life through participation in family and social settings, and increased independence.

The program encompasses

  • Articulation (speaking clearly)
  • Phonology (recognizing and manipulating speech sounds to form words and build literacy skills)
  • Receptive language (understanding and processing what is being said)
  • Expressive language (formulating thoughts and needs into concepts, words, phrases and sentences)
  • Pragmatic language (decreasing jargon, and developing social language for various purposes and following rules for conversation)
  • Fluency (speaking smoothly at an appropriate speed and without effort)
  • Voice and resonance (producing a full and pleasant voice and using healthy speaking/voicing behaviors, concentrating on pitch, volume and quality of voice)
  • Oral-motor skills (coordinating lips, teeth, tongue and jaw movements for feeding and speech production)
  • Cognitive skills (developing clear thinking, memory, problem-solving, inferencing and interacting with others)
  • Social Cognition Groups